13 Reasons Why

  1. Octopus are partnered with a top tier 1 factory (Inside top 10 LED manufactures in the world) that produces over 6000sq of LED hardware per month, has 100 employees and operates out of a 20,000sq meter factory floor.
  2. LED and LCD product technologies are contract manufactured & built according to our requirements specification.
  3. We use a selection of LED DIP and LED SMD technologies to make sure your LED product meets your expectations. We can provide both high bright LCD and ultra bright LED sunlight readable digital displays.
  4. Don’t get caught up with pitch and resolution, (this could be hard to understand) because we’ll provide you with site references that show the best screen resolutions for different applications, and you can see for yourself the difference in screen quality. As a standard Octopus will provide both high & ultra bright sunlight readable screens all with very wide viewing angles.
  5. All Octopus LED modules are full colour combinations, not just single colour.
  6. The hardest part of your project is the LED or LCD hardware/software, and thankfully we’ve got that covered. We also admit that we’re not a traditional static sign company like our competitors but believe from all previous installs the static sign part is the easiest.
  7. We offer the shortest lead-time in the market, and can provide a turnkey LED or LCD project in 4 weeks, not 8.
  8. Our LED sign & screen technologies don’t interfere or piggy back off your IT network, it’s segmented and isolated from the corporate LAN thus reducing any possible latency or compromising security. Our LED sign and screen deployment rarely needs your IT department to get involved or make changes to your existing network. We have degree majors & CCNA qualifications in telecommunications, meaning you can feel confident that where able to offer any communication medium required by our clients to transmit your data over the LAN, WAN, WiFi, P2P or 3G.
  9. Strong market research clearly shows us that our price is the most competitive in the Australian market.
  10. 20 years experience at an enterprise level information technologies that includes audiovisual. We run our projects using strict guidelines identified inside ITIL v3 and PMBOK technology frameworks. Both these frameworks are the industry standard for running any IT related projects.
  11. We’re fast paced operators and hard workers. Committed and completely results driven.
  12. We can offer parts & labor that extends to 3 & 5 years and we offer free technical support.
  13. We guarantee 100% uptime of all our hardware.

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