Competitive Advantage

Some key points on how we differ from our competitors?

  1. Australia & international capacity to supply & install in any country.
  2. Installations usually provided with signed off AS/NZ certified design & engineering.
  3. Full access to mechanical & industrial designs on custom built LED hardware in particular our HDA LED trailers.
  4. We are the very few Australian companies that offer so many varieties of LED configurations (Indoor, outdoor, curved, square, foldable, round and ark shaped LED screens)
  5. Zero exposed data or power cables on many outdoor installations.
  6. Custom built rear or front access hardware for quick service & maintenance.
  7. Premium metals like aluminium and stainless steel used in multiple indoor and outdoor applications.
  8. Triple powder-coated LED cabinets provided in any colour guaranteed for more than 5 years.
  9. Automatic light sensors for mitigating light spillage and autonomously managing power consumption.
  10. 3 years free technical support over the phone, email and onsite under warranty.
  11. 5 years ‘opt-in’ commercial maintenance agreement with uptime SLA guarantees.
  12. IP based CCTV web cameras supplied on installations providing additional security and remote access viewing of your LED.
  13. Simple and powerful ‘free’ digital signage LED/LCD control software.
  14. Free software licensing and networked on your LAN.
  15. Complete LED Monitoring (detect power supply failure, fan failure, open doors & detects smoke)
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