LED Screen Pitch & Viewing Distances

Octopus LED Screens can offer full color image & video but also simple text based LED screens or LED signs. Our current inventory for both internal and external LED screen technology consists of: Last updated: March 2017 @ 10.02am

Indoor LED screens

  • P1.2 (1.2mm pitch) full colour
  • P1.5 (1.5mm pitch) full colour
  • P1.9 (1.9mm pitch) full colour
  • P2.66 (2.66mm pitch) full colour
  • P3 (3.91mm pitch) full colour 
  • P5 (5mm pitch) full colour
  • Black LED or White LED available
  • All hardware is Aluminium
  • 700nits up to 1500nits available
Recommended Application: Indoor Shopping Centres, Retail Shop Windows, Pubs, Clubs, Exhibitions, Special Events, Main entry corporate office blocks

Outdoor LED screens

  • P3.9 (3.9mm pitch) full colour SMD
  • P4.81 (4.81mm pitch) full colour SMD
  • P5.95 (5.95mm pitch) full colour SMD
  • P6.67 (6.67mm pitch) full colour SMD
  • P8 (8mm pitch) full colour SMD
  • P10 (10mm pitch) full colour DIP
  • 5000nits up to 10,000nits available
  • Aluminium or Steel hardware available
  • IP65, 56 front or rear access cabinets available DIP
Recommended Application: Stadiums, Outdoor Digital Signs, Football Clubs, RSL, Entertainment Centre, Outside Shopping Mall or Shops.   VIEWING DISTANCE CHART  
Pitch in mm P3 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 P12 P16 P20
Viewing distance in mts 0-3 3-5 5-10 5-30 10-50 10-80 20-80 20-100 20-100
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