Outdoor LCD TV Enclosures – Pro Series

Commercial grade IPX (IP56) weatherproof outdoor TV enclosures are the CORRECT solution that simplify outdoor advertising or safely installing a LCD TV outdoors. Enclosures are triple powder coated and supplied with 2 x independent dual security locks. Each enclosure is supplied with the wall mount to secure the enclosure up against a brick or timber surface as well as the internal mount for your TV or LCD Screen. Enclosures have up to 8 on screen cooling fans that protect high amounts of heat when hit by sunlight, and strip that hot air away before it hits your LCD display. Intake and exhaust cooling fans are  built into the top right corner.  Aussie 4 port power plug built inside back wall and room for a mini PC or a media server. We offer flat, ceiling or tilt wall mounts and enclosures can be supplied in either portrait or landscape mode. Recommended LCD display for inside enclosure is NEC sunlight readable high bright panel (Click here to view)
Ideal Commercial Application:
Sporting park venues, Council, Pubs, Clubs, RSL, Roof top entertainment, Easter Show, Exhibition Centres, Airport, Car Parks, Manufacturing facility, Pools and Aquatic Centres.
Current Specifications:
Landscape Enclosures & Portrait Enclosures available.
All enclosures are supplied with internal and external VESA mount
Gunmetal Grey or Matt Black powder-coated
Available to:
Commercial = Yes
Residential = No

Outdoor TV LCD | LED TV Enclosure Video

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